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Stuf to do/stop/buy for this year

Stuff To Do

  • Eat healthier
  • Go walking everyday OR use treadmill
  • Do some form of exercise such as sit up/squats/some random exercise
  • Get up everyday at 10:00
  • Go to bed at 12:00 am
  • Work on school work at least 2 hours every other day
  • Draw at least one thing every day
  • Blog everyday
  • Find a fucking job, this is getting ridiculous
Sexual Stuff
  • Lick more ass lol
  • Get fisted
  • Find a guy and have a dominant/submissive relationship
  • buy more sex toys, especially a butt plug, I've been wanting one
  • Have a threesome

Stuff To Stop

  • Stop eating so much, eat only when hungry, not when bored
  • Stop being lazy lmao!!!
  • Stop worrying about guys, they are stupid

Stuff To Buy

  • New Macbook Air
  • Digital camera
  • Electronic drawing tablet
  • Tons of books!!!!!!!
  • Nipple piercings ;)

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Interesting list

I think the job should be number one

Everything else will just fall right into place after that

Get your butt out of the house and fill out at least one application a day

One will come through

Have you called a temp agency? That is how I got my job


well it wasn't in any real order, and I get out of the house, I hang with my bff all the time haha. I'm with a temp agency but they didn't have anything for me. I have to call again, I got all caught up with stuff from school so it slipped my mind.

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