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I WANNA HAVE SEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I used to hardly have sex ever so I never missed it, but since I had that regular thing with Mark (which is now over I guess, he hasn't messaged me in weeks,  and I think I ruined it since I told him I liked him) and now I want more sex. I try doing Craigslist but I get nervous and end up not meeting the guys I've talked with so now everyone on there probably hates me. I wanna suck a big dick, and lick a super fine ass, and be fucked. :( But I don't want it to be a one time thing, I'd like a friends with benefits thing, or even better an actual relationship but I have stopped looking for that. Oh well, I'm just let whatever happens happen and hope for the best. A new friend Terry helped me do my tarot cards and they said I will find love but I gotta learn some things first.


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