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Craving A Spanking
My ass
So, lately, I've been craving a spanking. I like spanking, but never before have I been dying for one, I want some sexy fuzzy man to bend me over his knee and spank my tight ass lol. It'd be hot if he was clothed too, but if I was totally naked. I'd call him sir and he'd call me boy and make my ass red all over. I'm super horny tonight lol I thought I'd post a random blurb.

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FUCK! I wish I could help you out!!!

COME TO PITTSBURGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You come here, YOU are the one wanting the spanking. And I would have a free place for you to stay!

I don't usually post comments like this but, I'm not one for spanking, but with an ass like that, you could sit on my face for hours.

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locals looking to meet Go Here

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