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JUST AN UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I haven't really updated much, little blurbs here and there but no big blogs really. I thought I would give a run down of my good yet boring life.

So I just finished almost all of the drawings for my new story. Its a story based on several different fairy tales. Its combines Red Riding Hood, Snow White, and Cinderella (it has a fairy godmother-ish lady in it). In the story, a blood mage named Kai (Red Riding Hood) is teamed with a wolf like man called Arwen (Big Bad Wolf) to find and destroy an evil queen and save the kingdom. Along their journey they meet Eirwen (Snow White) who is the step daughter of the evil queen, whom Eirwen thought she had killed years ago. There are epic bad guys and battles, I definitely think its my best. I am determined to write it out, its not like with other stories where I only had ideas for the beguinning, and after writing for a bit I lose interest, no, with this story I have the whole thing fleshed out. I'm making it my New Year's Resolution to finish it.

Art wise I've made a real break through, I've been doing other poses other than the standing straight forward ones, which are good for figuring out the characters looks and the costume but not great for action. I've found many photos of action poses online and have been drawing them, I try to draw poses from my head but its very difficult for some reason. I'm trying to draw and practice a lot so that when school starts I can impress the teachers and other students.

School wise, I don't start till the 31st which is great but I'm tired of waiting. I like the idea of online classes but doing certain things is annoying such as my financial aid. I've had so many problems with it, I will hopefully be getting a refund though which means I can buy a brand new laptop and art supplies. I need to email my advisor lady because I have some questions about the site, I cannot figure out my schedule at all, its so weird, I don't know if I have a class on a certain day or if I have one class a week and that I have all week to take that class. Other than that I'm fine with school.

Job wise, I'm still unemployed god dammit. I applied to seven different places last week and got not one call back. I would really like to work downtown, its easy to get too and a great area. I believe that I may go down there and ask the one book store if they have an application, if I worked at a bookstore I would probably jizz my pants.

Family wise, its insane. My mother is becoming crazier every day. Her undiagnosed bipolar disorder is getting worse. She is perfectly happy one minute then the next she's going insane over the fact that there is a smudge on the mirror, and I am in no way exaggerating. She doesn't care about any of us, only how the house looks, I hate having friends over because I must spend two days cleaning so the house is up to my mothers ridiculous standards and my friends can come over. Today when I woke up I said "Ooh I'm not feeling well" and she didn't even ask whats wrong she just started barking out orders for me to clean this and clean that. I hate being home with her on her days off, I love when she does to work because I do not have to deal with her, I love the woman but she needs help.

Hmmm, my love life is lacking, as usual. I'm talking to a couple guys, but idk what to do, one guy is cool but he lives in Butler which is a bit of a drive, plus I don't think he's interested anymore cause he's doesn't talk as much. Another guy is weird, he works late at night, which is fine cause I stay up late, but every time I text him he's like "Why are you still up? Staying up is unhealthy blah blah blah" if he doesn't want to talk why can't he say so ya know? HOWEVER the third guy is the best so far, he lives in West Virginia, but its an area about 30 minutes from Robinson so not too too far, he writes stories and is very creative, we talk every day almost all day. Its awesome. I asked my Tarot cards about my love life and they said I would find a relationship but I would have to work to keep it alive but it would be a good one! :D

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What school do you go to?

I'm going to The Academy of Art University :D

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