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So Just A Little Update About My Day :DDD
So first off I'm super happy because the one acrobat from the Cirque Du Soleil show I saw (Cirque Dreams Holidaze), Rocco Lapaire, who did the very first act, sent me a picture of his costume because I wanted to draw it and he said to send him a picture of it so he can see!!! That's soo cool, maybe we'll be friends, that'd be awesome, he's super sexy but sadly straight lol. But he's still super nice for sending me that picture. I also spent ALL DAY cleaning my room because it was a huge mess. I've been dying to clean it but haven't been able to because it was full of Christmas decoration boxes. We finally got the boxes out and now it looks awesome. I organized my awesome bookshelf and it looks beast!!! I also moved my bed and made it look all purty and fixed my little table thing. Then I took a beast shower and came downstairs to write this random post of random-ness.


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