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Yes I know I haven't posted in forever. I've been really busy with school, its really hard and takes a lot of my time, but I like it. I also just got a job at AMC movie theaters at the Waterfront here in Pittsburgh, so now I'll finally have some money. Its also great because I'll be working with my best friend and constant companion Mindy!!!! :D Tomorrow is my last day of training so I'll actually be doing stuff lol I will start out as an usher and concession person then I'll be trained in other areas. In school related news, I'm doing ok, the Photoshop class is boring, but the stuff is also kind of cool cause it can help with a lot of things in other classes. In my drawing class, I'm doing bad, I'm getting a c, and the teacher probably thinks I'm retarded. I just have a lot of trouble drawing real things and making things look realistic. I know its good to be able to do that because it will help with my comics, and I am trying, I'm just not that great. We had to draw a piece of draped fabric, and I thought mine looked great, but my teacher had all the criticisms. I drew it as best I can, but my old teacher at the Art Institute, the only teacher I liked, said you sometimes have to exaggerate curves and folds to make it look more real, and always make the piece your own, but I guess this new teacher is different. I am going to keep trying my hardest and see what happens. I need to keep in mind that all kinds of artist have trouble with different things, I'm no different. Also, I HAD AMAZING SEX TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I posted about the guy I first had sex with, well he contacted me, and we had sex today!!!! It was amazing, the best I've had. I sucked his dick, which is amazing 8 long thick inches of amazingness, and I licked his ass, which is also amazing, it tastes so good. Then he fucked me for a little bit, which hurt a little cause he's so big and I haven't been fucked since Christmas. Then I fucked him which was fun, but I wanted to do doggy style and he didn't, I had trouble finding a comfortable position where I could fuck him good. Then I fingered him and made out with him till he came, then he did the same to me. Next we cuddled for a couple hours, then I sucked him and rimmed him again, and he was moaning cause I apparently give "bomb" head which really made me happy. I rode his monster and cam in his mouth and he jerked off while sucking me but my butt was sore so I went soft and he couldn't cum, he said it was ok though so I hope he's not mad. He's really different from when I was 16, I like him way more now though. He's not in a relationship, and I"m a bit worried he'll ask if I want to be in one with him because I have this long distance thing going on with another man. His name is Otto and we met online, its funny cause we met looking for sex and he wanted someone dominate and I wanted someone dominate too, but I said I'd try dominating him and its just blossomed from there. I tell him when to cum, and stuff like that its a lot of fun, and we talk about other stuff too. He really likes me and I really like him, and now that I'm working I'm gonna try and visit him, he lives in a suburb near Detroit, its a really high class gated community. He's only 26, but he already owns a business and is getting his doctorate in something, I can't remember what. I'm just worried about what I should do. I REALLY like him, and I know he has feelings for me, I just don't want something or someone to come along a ruin it. Me and him aren't boyfriends or anything but I wouldn't mind it, I think we'll wait till we meet first though. Anyway, that's my life now. Its going pretty great, I'm very happy. Oh well my dad hurt his shoulder and may need surgery we aren't sure, he's not worried though so I'm ok lol its not that bad.


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