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MY PORN IS GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So my netbook got some horrible virus/spyware/some-evil-computer-rapist thing and I can't even get it to boot, not even to put it in safe mode to fix it. I'm not super upset, my financial aid check will be here soon so I can buy a brand new normal laptop. The thing I am upset about is the story I had started writing, true I was only on chapter 1 but still its gonna be annoying to rewrite that, it was really thought out and its kinda hurtful that I have to redo it, and yes my porn is gone. I'm not really heartbroken over that either. Its just annoying, the dick shots I'm not miffed about but the ass shots (over 3000 pictures) are all gone, most of them I can get back but a lot were from random blogs whose names I can't remember so its gonna be annoying to search for them, which I'm probably not gonna do lol. I know I have some porn lover friends so if anyone has any hot ass shots you wanna send me let me know, I'd love to see them. Oh yeah the other bad thing about this is that now I have to share the family laptop with everyone which is super annoying. My spends six hours trying to figure out her email, which she should just give up one because she doesn't understand anything. My older brother uses it to do his writing too which I think he should stop because he's not even trying to get a career. He's looking for jobs at a bank, why would he go to school for film making and take a job at a bank, he had a chance for an intern and he turned it down. Wtf? Its going to be very annoying waiting the three weeks to get my check but hopefully I can make it.

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This is why we have flash drives and cd's .

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